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More than five weeks ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi unilaterally announced the beginning of House Democrats' so-called "impeachment investigation." Since then, numerous hearings have been held with dozens of witnesses being interviewed. Yet the American people and vast majority of representatives have been left in the dark. Because public hearings in the Judiciary Committee continually disprove the left's narrative, Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff decided to hold secret hearings at the Intelligence Committee where they can withhold the truth from the public.

As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, I sit on one of the six committees of jurisdiction in this investigation. In that capacity, I went to the House Intelligence Committee in an effort to read the transcripts of interviews and depositions that have been conducted as part of this inquiry. Despite the fact these documents should be available, I was denied access — turned away by Democrat staff who refuse to unlock the door for Republicans. I later wrote letters to the heads of each House committee, invoking my right as a member of Congress to view the documents. That too was ignored. The few Republicans who have been given access can only do so under the supervision of unelected, Democrat-appointed staff. By covering this investigation in red tape, Democrats are giving themselves the ability to control the flow of information to Representatives and our constituents and have done so through carefully selected leaks through the media.

This investigation continually violates the law and Constitution by refusing the president due process, and it ignores the precedent set during the previous three impeachment proceedings in our history by refusing all rights of the minority party in the House. All Congressional investigations are required by law to grant due process. Yet Pelosi and Schiff are openly denying this right to the president, just as they are denying the American people and their Representatives access to non-classified documents. There is absolutely no way around the fact this tainted investigation is unconstitutional, and it should not be allowed to continue in this manner.

Up until this week, Pelosi has refused to hold a vote on impeachment for fear of political backlash. Finally, over a month after this sham of an investigation began, Democrats offered a half-hearted impeachment resolution. While this initially seemed like progress, the contents of the resolution prove otherwise. It gives Schiff — a man who has mislead the American people on multiple occasions — even more authority in this investigation. It continues to deny the president due process and gives Republicans no rights in the proceedings. To make matters worse, before this resolution, 110 Representatives were allowed to participate in this investigation. Now, only 22. I was proud to vote "no" Thursday on this ridiculously partisan resolution.

Democrats are relentlessly pursuing the impeachment of a president they have been trying to undermine since his first day in office. Thursday's vote and the entire investigation are nothing more than political stunts from the far left who are still aching from the 2016 election. Impeachment has become an all-consuming obsession for Democrats and has rendered them completely unable to do the job we were all elected to do. I stand ready to get to work for Missouri and the American people. It's past time for the House to get back down to business, do what our constituents sent us here to do, and legislate.

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., shares his perspective each week on national issues, including ones that affect Missouri. He represents the state's 3rd District, which includes Jefferson City. His local office can be reached at 635-7232.

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