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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Listening to the YouTube video of Trump's announcement of the Special Forces Operation leading to al-Baghdadi's death and questioning thereafter dispels everything Mr. Smith said. Although Trump wanted the ISIS leader taken out since the start of his presidency, al Baghdadi kept moving and his presence was only known and confirmed in the last two weeks.

Trump, as commander in chief, only takes credit for ordering the mission. He consulted with countries the Special Forces flew over or gathered intelligence from and those were: Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq. These countries never controlled the operation only were warned to keep our troops safe and Trump thanked them and the Special Forces when the mission was successful! ISIS killed Americans, James Foley, Peter Kassig, Steven Sotloff and Kayla Mueller, whose parents said Kayla might be alive if Obama had been stronger. Trump fights for larger military budgets, stopped Obama's rules of engagement that killed more American soldiers and isn't prosecuting them for doing their job! Pelosi notification wasn't required prior to the mission.

Trump feels the military can't be in endless wars with fewer than 1 percent of U.S. population enlisted. Countless lives and $8 trillion U.S. dollars have been spent in Syria, while China and Russia built up their militaries and economies. The European Union hasn't contributed. Money from the Syrian oil fields guarded by U.S. troops and U.S. intelligence is helping the Kurds with fewer U.S. troop presence.

The book "Secret Empires" and the video:, reveals the truth about the Democratic corruption in Ukraine and China and many LTE's have covered this. To answer Loretta Broker's question on Oct 4 — Schiff is not allowing the president to have council present, must approve GOP witnesses and controls what questions can be answered. Then, he puts his version of the transcripts out. There's no requirement to present tax returns, but Dems take cases to liberal judges which the Supreme Court usually decides. Trump doesn't need guilt to want privacy!

Democrats have attacked language and want to confiscate guns, established sanctuary cities where illegal criminals are set free and many Democratic cities are littered with homeless, drug needles and excrement, while rapist, opioid users and thieves go free. Yes, and Dems started a war on policemen, and, if elected, will economically destroy this country.

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