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Dale Reichel


Dear Editor:

This is a response to Harold Horstmann's Oct. 30 LTE. Not picking on you, Harold, I just think Venezuela's problems aren't all socialism but capitalism, U.S. style.

Many of Venezuela's problems are from low oil prices. Oil is Venezuela's "flash in the pan." In 2014 Saudi Arabia flooded the market with cheap oil. Why? It was a calculated move by the U.S. and Israel.

This manipulation drove oil from $160 a barrel to $28 a barrel months ago. These low oil prices really hurt Venezuela, resulting in inflation, low cash, food shortages and so on. This I read was a goal of Wall Street, London and Tel Aviv, to weaken their opponents. It created a crisis.

The U.S. does this sort of thing to many nations, Latin America, etc. It is corrupt Capitalism, step on your competitors!

The U.S. has done this to Iraq, only with war. No, I'm not anti-American.

Latin America has suffered at the hands of Western Capitalists for a long time. Capitalists don't want Socialists to thrive. China won though, didn't they. Capitalist plunder! Read up!

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