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Larry Russell Johnson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Trust is a firm belief in the honesty, reliability of another; to have confidence in; and to allow to do something without misgivings.

Do we trust our government?

Cattle and humans are trusting, both will enter a plane and trust that the plane will not crash. Animals act on instinct and humans act on freedom of choice.

"Are we a bunch of animals or are we touched by the finger of God," Rabbi Daniel Lapin said.

This reminds me of the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell; when the representatives of the cows told the farmer "You take too much of our milk, we want to keep most of it," the farmer replied, "No. I own you, I feed you, I give you medicine when you're sick, I was there when you're born, I take care of you, and I'll bury you."

This is a time of ominous change. Government is like giving everyone a big gentle hug and lulling them into a false felling of security.

I don't need the government to trust me, I want the ability to trust the government.

President Barack Obama has been giving millions to dollars to Muslim terrorist countries that have been persecuting Christians; giving a AA passport rating to Saudi Arabian nationals in which our closest allies including Israel and Germany failed to get.

After the IRS fiasco, Obama contained a strongly worded attack on our phone records by stepping on our Constitution.

"Let us renovate the Constitution because we live in a dangerous world," Michael Bloomberg said.

George Orwell was wrong about one thing, it was not 1984, it was 2020.

There are times when in good consciousness we must follow freedom and not the intervention of government.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We don't know if we can save America if we don't know what is right or wrong, or light and dark.

The far left's big nose has been going over President Trump like a sheep in a vegetable patch. Democrats fear reform the way a vampire fears garlic. But the philosophy is the same: Don't allow people access to actual information, curb or adulterate their ideologies, cause ideological confusion, and constantly keep them in a state of strife. Liberals shouldn't complain about "paranoia and fear." They perfected it.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Any man can stand adversity but, to test a man, put him in power."

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