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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Two great commentaries published in the News Tribune Nov. 4 by Bradley R. Gitz and Dana Kelley tell of the importance of reading and comprehending. Both writers indicate a shift from more complex and substantive reading to trivial, damaging critical reasoning skills. If social media talking points establishes your views instead of the written word in books that might explain the increasing polarization in politics and the inability to pursue the truth. When there's no ability to construct an argument, writers fall back to calling names and distortions.

The Freedom of Information Act details used by John Solomon, Peter Schweizer, Gregg Jarratt in writing their papers and books prove there was a highly coordinated effort by the Obama administration departments of the CIA, DOJ and FBI, Hillary campaign and DNC to remove Trump as a candidate and then once elected to impeach him. This week, tweets in January 2017 by Mark Zaid, the attorney for the "supposed" whistleblower (WB), now revealed as Eric Ciaramella called for a coup against Trump and promised to get rid of him. Later, Zaid requested WBs to step forward! Ciaramella worked with Biden in Ukraine, Susan Rice and was under Brennan at the CIA. The same Brennan that could face criminal charges once the Durham report is revealed. Unfortunately, the Durham report to investigate the fake dossier, the abuse of FISA warrants, the spying on advisers and the Trump campaign, the whole Russian hoax narrative and corruption in Ukraine and China takes substantial time. Those that hate Trump will call it fake or partisan, but the reputations of Durham and Barr are impeccable.

Smith's LTE doesn't believe the Department of Justice's view that there was no criminality in Trump's call to Zelensky. Reading the transcripts clearly reveals Trump was referring to the 2016 election, but Democrats realizing with George Soros' media outlets they might be able to sway public opinion of the unread for the 2020 election. The National Defense Authorization Act allows the withholding of funds to foreign nations if corruption exists as discussed in Trump's phone call: recently used to withhold $160 million from Afghanistan.

Smith's LTE's are full of hatred, lies and disparages Blaine Luetkemeyer's and conservatives' reputations. Steve Veltrop warned us after speaking to a German friend, don't endanger America believing these lies.

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