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Sue Bower

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I wonder what I would be if my ancestors had not immigrated to the U.S. They were from Germany. Would they have been Nazis? If Germany had had a larger population of us non-immigrants, would they have won World War II? What would you be like if your ancestors had not come from Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Africa and other countries? You would still be living there — in the cold of Switzerland, in the heat of Africa, in the riches of some countries, in the poverty and war-torn countries all over the world, in Communist China, in deserts, in swamps, in mountainous countries …

But we are here in a free country. Thank God I am here in America.

I have a 142 IQ. My child has a 72 IQ. Am I better? No. A thousand times no. What makes a person better is their heart, their helping hand, their love and kindness. Rich people are no better than poor people. Skin color doesn’t matter. We all descended from Adam and Eve. If your skin is darker, it is because over time your genes altered your skin color to protect you from the sun. We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such. But we are losing our humanity.

Look at what we are becoming. We sit at tables, not talking to each other unless we have our phones out. We allow people and entities we don’t know — we don’t know their ethics, morals, beliefs or backgrounds — to influence us, to manipulate us, to draw us in to their ways of thinking without putting a face, a history or a goodness test to them. We allow Big Tech to make us wallow, spending hours trying to find someone to “chat” with to work out problems with out phones, TVs or computers. We are losing our humanity.

We are no longer in charge of what we see on TV. We are prisoners of networks that, over the years, have brought more sex, violence, terrorism-themed shows filled with hate, family issues, and adult issues to the screen to influence our children, teens and adults. I hope no one watches “Clarice.” Shame on CBS. We are teaching our children to respond to “likes,” unknown “friends,” and unknown qualities and to ignore their human families.

Are you proud to be an American? A good person? A “like” among 2 million likes?

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